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Membership Forms

Membership Forms

Looks like a lot of membership forms, but you'll only need one.  Which one depends on what you're doing.  We also have copies of these forms at the register.

Those joining for the first time need the New Membership Application

The New Associate Member form is for any potential members who are under 21, own a liquor license, or is an officer of the law.  The what's-it and whys are answered in this excert from our [bylaws].

Any individual under the age of 21 who wishes to join the coop may do so as an associate member. An associate member has the same responsibilities and privileges as a member owner as far equitable contributions and discounts, but is not an owner and therefore not entitled to a vote. When an associate member turns 21, all fair share payments can be applied to a member capital account.

Any individual who possesses a license to sell or distribute alcohol or is an officer of the law is prohibited by law from ownership of the coop. They may however join as an associate member.

The Renewal applications are for those who are paying their fair share in installments.  These forms help us keep our membership database up to date, so please don't forget to fill one out when you renew.

Fresh Today!

Co-op Bakery:
We began baking
once more in March
2016 with our YFC
Sourdough and
3-Seed! Sweets are
available as usual.
Regular Baking Schedule

Deli Delights
   Fresh Salads
   Deli Dips!
 See Facebook (below) for
     daily soups & chili

Fresh Produce
   Organic produce 51%
   Michigan produce 22%
   Growing Hope spinach
     & Spring lettuce mix
   Michigan apples
   Michigan asparagus
   Organic oranges
   Local Rhubarb
This week's fresh produce

Sweet of the Week
 *Check the Cake Stand*
   Carrot Cake
   Apple, pecan & fruit
     pies and more!